About him, about us


Why sport? It's so simple, rather obvious...

Sport is about real test of character, it is about strong will and readiness to overcome weaknesses.

Sport is about setting goals, breaking down barriers, it is about consistency and systematic work.

Are sport and business two different and separate worlds?

Maybe so, but based on my own experience, I believe that rules of the game are exactly the same.


QPRO360° is "rookie" in the market. The company, founded in 2013, gets in the game and calls itself the challenger in sport and wellness marketing. In other words, we offer services in the field of marketing, we are pursuing projects related to sport, physical activity and health, we provide business analysis, advise on promotion, and do care about wellness, or ... well-being of our customers.

Our philosophy is described in the name itself. Q is about quality, PRO about professionalism, while 360° symbolize what’s around us, everything that we do. QPRO360° is a professional service company, providing the highest quality and attention to details in every aspect of business, because each of us deserves the highest quality (Q) and professionalism (PRO).


Wojtek - our “Invender”, the inventor and the founder of the company - for over fifteen years has been working in international corporations, occupying senior management positions. Distribution and marketing of products, management of large teams are great test of managerial ability. Free time was filled with passion for sport activities. There was always Diving, swimming, biking, running, and in a later stage combination of all three, and "test of the character" in triathlon. 2013  is the year of radical change. There was decision made to leave the corporate world, and transfer personal experience into brand new area. Today, QPRO360 is a small family business, a well-coordinated team of several people who care about the well-being of guests and customers.