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The company name is our commitment, our philosophy and our promise towards our customers.

Are we able to meet the challenge? We'll see, but clearly, we will do all the best to make it happen.

Below we present a list of our projects and some news from the company.

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Active Tourism


Growing popularity of an active leisure led to development of a new trend that clearly wins worldwide recognition. This is about sport and active tourism. Today sport and physical activities are gaining popularity as an important way of spending vacations and holidays.


SWIMMING: Undoubtedly, our top attraction is the crystal-clear Serwy Lake. Its size, clear water, and silence guarantee excellent swimming training in the period from May till September. You might also train in a nearby swimming pool – 25 m pool in Augustow (just 20 min from SIRVIS Apartments), with the possibility of renting a track or tracks on exclusive basis. We invite you to swimming camps and workshops organized in cooperation with the Warsaw Masters Team.

BIKING: Countless kilometers of picturesque bicycle routes for practicing road and MTB cycling. Northern Sudovia Region is also a great area for strength training. Several of our “mountain bonuses” have surprised many cyclists here. If weather stops you from outdoor training, we have Real E-motion rollers from the well recognized ELITE brand, or a Spinner Elite spinning bike from Star Trac. We invite you to join our cycling trainings and camps.

RUNNING: Exactly like in case of bicycle routes, you can say “sky is the limit”. Gravel and asphalt routes, forest paths, picturesque landscapes around Lake Serwy, Augustow Forest, Augustow Channel and much, much more. For interval training we invite you to the nearby tartan treadmill (5 km from SIRVIS Apartments). When the weather is bad, we have a fitness room with the Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmill. We invite you to our running camps and workshops organized jointly with Grazia Running.


SWIMMING: Alicante is truly the perfect destination for the year-round enjoyment of water sports. Some of Alicante’s best tourist attractions are its excellent beaches. Postiquet beach is in the city itself (about 300 m walk from VillaVieja17). The beach is made up of fine golden sand and is ideal for swimming. San Juan is another golden sandy beach, almost three kilometers in length and up to one hundred meters wide. It is well recognized for its clear water. La Albufereta is situated to the north east of the city, between the Postiquet and San Juan. This is a secluded beach and is perfect for enjoying water activities.

BIKING: The Alicante region is a popular winter and spring destination for amateur and professional cyclists who love the climate as well as being able to pick routes to suit all abilities. The roads are also much quieter than during the summer season.

RUNNING: The region’s beautiful beaches and mountains are perfect outdoor running tracks. You can choose from a jog alongside the beaches, which offer flat routes for speed or gentle jogging or a harder challenge up the mountain trails. Either way, you will be rewarded with views of fabulous natural scenes.




There are many definitions of the concept of metamorphosis. For example in the literature it is profound transformation of someone's way of thinking, behavior and sometimes even appearance. This is the definition closest to the metamorphosis of which we speak, so ... metamorphosis in the construction industry is a major change in the property, sometimes its purpose, appearance. The change might be hard to imagine, but it is possible and real.







Based on our experience and opinions of our guests, we have identified development opportunities and needs, took part in the competition, presented our idea, and obtained funding under the RPOWP for 2014-2020, supporting entrepreneurship and employment in municipalities located in the Natura 2000 area.

The project covered construction - consisting of two modules - of a tourist building. The first module is a dining / restaurant room, which can be used for conference purposes, and a newly equipped kitchen area. Above the room we have now a spacious terrace. The second module is combined of three family apartments. Each of them consists of a living room with a kitchen corner, a  bathroom and a sleeping area on the mezzanine.

The investment was completed and the building was commissioned in December 2018.


SIRVIS Apartments


SIRVIS Apartments is an amazing place in a magical surrounding. The offer is a combination of family recreation with sport activities at various levels. Kayaks, bicycles, walking, swimming, but also professional training and fitness facilities, combined with an exceptional location and magic environment is a guarantee of an unforgettable experience. These are advantages of the new center.

When traveling we were always very attentive to details. This is exactly what makes a difference, what surprises, and makes the place to be very special, to have its own climate and character. This was our goal; we wanted to create something different, unique, surprising. We put a lot of heart into construction of our own, as we define it by ourselves, the house opened for friends.

If you are bored of hotels and guesthouses, looking for comfortable conditions in a warm atmosphere, you want to avoid crowds and noise, stay close to nature and explore the unknown Sudovia... Welcome to SIRVIS Apartmenty - luxury resort located directly on the shores of Lake Serwy.

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COMMUNICATION - the essential element...


We began working with a local company operating in the real estate market in Bialystok, providing it with consultation services in promotion and marketing. The main objective is to promote a new project that our client has just launched.

Osiedle Natura (Nature Compound) is a complex of houses in the suburbs of Bialystok. Our task is to provide recommendations in the field of marketing and sale of the real estate properties.

Reconstruction work


Metamorphosis is a profound transformation. This is what we’ve done in one of apartments in Warsaw. Look what came out.

The flat is located in an old apartment house in Mokotow . Interior has its own and unique character. It was like love at first sight. Height of interior, staircase, decorative elements, it's all that encouraged us to act. Unfortunately, condition of the property and the scope of work was a challenge.

First phase of the project was interior design. Detailed discussion and identification of our customer needs were the basis for the next steps. We have developed plans with visual simulations. We designed detailed reconstruction layouts.

Scope of work included demolition of some walls, changes in bathroom and kitchen. One of our challenges was related to opening and exposition of an old brick wall. Our work included also electrical installation and water and sanitation system.

How does it look like? See our photos in the gallery. In our opinion, and most importantly, according to the investor, the transformation was really thorough and successful.

This is what we call construction metamorphosis.

There are 1000 of us! Hurray! HIP, HIP hurray!


We have 1000 fans on our Facebook. Just couple of weeks after the launch of the profile, and there are 1000 family members. Many thanks to all of you! We are so happy that the family is growing, and our profile is becoming more and more popular. Remember, like us, share our posts, and most importantly, enjoy the site and sport.

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MISSION - a different fitness club


Fitness and wellness is yet another global fashion and a new trend coming to Poland. In the past, it was trendy to buy video recorders and videocassettes; computers and laptops or cellular phones and smartphones. We expect fitness to be the next big thing. Fashion for the well-being is associated with the generation of "baby boomers". Currently, these people are between forty and sixty years old. However, the most important aspects for them are health and passing away vitality. “Baby boomers” want to stop it, they want to stop the time. In response, every day we witness establishment of so many companies providing services associated with good health, sport and physical activities.

Therefore, we started working on a project involving a build-up of a detailed business plan and strategy for a brand new sport club. Our job is not only to create the strategy, but also to launch the club successfully while it’s differentiated from the competition. Considering so many new investments in the field, it is a difficult task, but it’s not impossible to achieve.

24BFIT.COM - extraordinary...


Why is this project referred to as extraordinary? There are at least two reasons behind it. First, it is our own idea on how to create a very unique e-service in the field of sport and wellness. Second, QPRO360° was created for development and implementation of this particular project. In fact, it's where it all starts.

It is understood that fitness is, in addition to e-commerce, one of the most promising and fastest growing sectors in Poland. We decided to combine these two areas and create a professional virtual training service available online. 

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08.04.2013 already is on Facebook. We inspire and motivate by posting on the profile some cool sports photos. Work, sweat, tears, joy ... That's the sport. You must see it!

Go to our profile and check it out. Our photos bring fun and motivation for action. Every day we publish 2-3 photos. We believe this is an interesting meeting point for those who are interested in sports. Check our site and find some interesting pictures. Is this also a form of motivation? For us, it works well, so it should also work for you. Why don’t you try? Go to the profile, like us and become a member of the family.

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